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Why we are your best partner for product reviews... 

It is important to remember with product reviews it is your whole brand’s reputation that is on the line. Not only do you want to be fairly represented in the eyes of all shoppers, but you should also ensure there is no risk to the reputation of your brand

We believe we have an approach to reviews that is by far the best in the market and stand up to any kind of scrutiny:

  • Our shoppers buy your products for themselves (”100% Verified Purchase”) from the supermarkets they leave reviews. They are not simply given products for free.
  • We have many thousands of ordinary shoppers who write reviews – but only a small segment work on a project
  • Our shoppers use your products at home, in their own time in a normal home environment
  • All our reviewers sign up to T&Cs that include leaving “honest reviews as if talking to friends and family”.
  • Reviews as not “moderated” by us or you. Nobody can be accused of filtering out negative reviews.
  • We do not pay shoppers for writing reviews; they get the cashback before they review, and we don’t penalise them if they don’t review any specific product.


"Columbian is defo my favourite coffee and so handy in these pods. Bought on a promotion.”

Our guide to members leaving reviews

Why that should give you peace of mind

We will always keep your brand’s reputation paramount. We have built a reviews solution which is deliberately Gold Standard. We will ensure through all our actions that you’ll be glad you chose CheckoutSmart as your reviews partner. To see why, check out our shopper review guidelines which are sent with every request for a review and form part of our member T&Cs:

Our guide to shoppers leaving a review…

  • Length – Please write at least 2 sentences about your experience of the product to help other shoppers make a decision about purchasing.
  • Be Honest – These reviews are public, so please share your honest unbiased opinions, as if you are telling your friends and family.
  • Stay on Topic – Focus on the product you bought, there is no need to mention CheckoutSmart, for example
  • Supermarket’s guidelines – Please read these and stay within them or your review might not appear.

Jack Links

”Never really understood what jerky was, but now I do and it's delicious. This seems to be good quality, and a healthy, high protein snack.

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More Effective Investment

Your investment is more effective because the offers are delivered directly to the shopper, driving to take action


Freedom And Flexibility

We give you the freedom to connect with consumers to fit in with your own brand strategy we can help you


Fast Results

SmartActivation campaigns can be set up and activated within the hour, with detailed analysis of results


We Are Expertise

Our team are all FMCG marketing, sales and category experts. We know how to create the perfect customised program


No More Paper Coupons

With our digital solution, there is none of the hassle and slowness of paper coupons. Smart millennial shoppers don’t want to print!

Case studies

How we deliver for clients


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Jack Links

”Brilliant on the go snack, full of flavour and tastes great.”

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