Getting all your SKUs to over 30 reviews in the best way

Shoppers are increasingly relying on ratings and reviews to make choices about which products they buy from supermarkets. They do this at home shopping online and increasingly in-store in front of the fixtures. To compete you need to have the right review presence.

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Not all reviews are created equal

The most impactful product reviews are:

  • Recently created: The most recent ones should be less than 12 months old, ideally < 6 months.
  • Exact SKU: They must be about the specific product involved not some average for the range.
  • Verified purchasers: Reviews from real “verified purchase” shoppers who have bought the product for themselves and not just sent it in the post. 
  • Impactful number: Enough reviews to give a reader confidence in the average rating, a minimum of 30.
  • Everyday language: They must be varied and true shopper speech, that only independent unmoderated content delivers.
  • With a variety of views: Generally, higher ratings (4.2-4.5) will drive higher Rate of Sale, but varying in content reviews have the highest impact.
The best way to ensure you get your share of sales

What does our “Fast start” program give you

We create a specific 3-year program of reviews delivery for your SKUs. Over that time, we deliver 30 reviews early in year 1 to get the impact early and then ensure that they stay fresh (never >6 mths old), relevant and competitive, by adding at least 10 more each of the following 2 years.

  • Exceed the minimum needed reviews per SKU - By getting all of your existing ongoing SKUs a minimum of 30 new genuine reviews in every agreed retailer your sales can rise up to 35%.
  • Ensure freshness of reviews - Delivering 5-10 genuine reviews every 6 mths/retailer for all SKUs.
  • Automatically alert & action “Rogue reviews” – Sourcing more genuine reviews on a SKU where there is an unfair perception coming from a recent unfair one.
  • Report on progress - Updating your business twice a year on reviews delivered, the total number and average ratings of reviews together with progress over time.