Three well-known branded cashback activities

We have analysed the performance of three recent cashback campaigns for three well-known brands, and the results were impressive.

  • A savoury snack in a tube
  • A market-leading wrap
  • A new milk-based ready-to-drink product from a leading coffee brand

Our SmartActivation campaigns have delivered tens of thousands of new trialists for each product, thanks to our large base of app users. These campaigns are simple to set up and extremely quick, with many starting the same day.

To evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns, we followed up with the product trialists shortly after each campaign ended. Over 2,200 responses were collected directly from our members, providing valuable feedback on their product experience and future intentions to repurchase.

At CheckoutSmart, we regularly conduct surveys and analysis for our clients, providing invaluable feedback on the reaction to and likely success of new product launches.

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CheckoutSmart SmartActivation cashback campaign ROI  (2)
Repurchase intentions and ROI

Every campaign has a strong ROI

Each product survey had over 500 responses, providing a clear and robust estimation of repurchase rates among members. Respondents also shared an estimate of the number of extra packs they would purchase within the first year following their initial trial.

Taking into account the cost of the campaign, we calculated an ROI for each campaign

  • The Highest ROI was 7.1 for the market-leading wraps
  • The Lowest ROI was 3.8 for the savoury snack
  • The milk-based ready-to-drink from a leading coffee brand came in nearer to the wraps at 6.8
  •  On average, our campaigns delivered a very strong ROI of 5.8.

We are proud to report that all campaigns delivered a strong ROI within one year, taking into account the cost of the trial cashback and campaign fees.

It's worth noting that the best ROIs were achieved by products rated and recommended highly by shoppers, as you would expect.

Repurchase rates compared

Fresh insights from repurchase rates

We can compare product campaigns against similar NPD campaigns that we've run in recent years. This allows us to gain valuable insights into the success rates of different products.

  • The market-leading wraps achieved one of the best repurchase rates we've ever recorded, with 96% of trialists buying again.
  • In contrast, the tubed savoury snack was at the lower end of the spectrum, with a repurchase rate of 77%. While this may seem like a good figure in isolation, it's important to note that 90% of NPD products fail, so this could be cause for concern. 
  • The ready-to-drink coffee performed better than the mean, which is certainly encouraging.

Our follow-up surveys can not only provide fresh insight into the likes and dislikes of grocery shoppers but also give brand managers clear feedback as to the likely success of their product over time.

This kind of early warning, which can be delivered within a week of launching a campaign, allows marketing teams the time to adjust their advertising positioning and even tweak their products to increase the chances of NPD success.

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Get tangible results & fresh insights

Our recent campaigns have consistently delivered strong ROI. We've worked with a huge variety of well-known brands on SmartActivation cashback campaigns that are simple to set up, and can deliver tens of thousands of new trialists from our large base of app users.

Our surveys provide valuable insights into repurchase rates and customer feedback, allowing you to make informed decisions about your NPD campaigns. Our follow-up surveys can deliver this kind of early warning within a week of launching a campaign, giving you the time to adjust your advertising and tweak your products to increase your chances of success.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve strong ROI and gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences. Let us help you stand out in a crowded market and achieve the success your brand deserves.