Give your NPD the best possible chance with +30 reviews at launch

Shoppers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach to using ratings and reviews. They understand the need for not just a good number of reviews but critically, that they must be recent. Then they usually read only a handful of them.

Why reviews matter when you launch

You need to get reviews for NPD as soon as it is listed because…

  • 78% of online grocery shoppers are more likely to purchase an unknown grocery item if there are customer reviews for that product. The figure is 64% among in-store shoppers.
  • NPD launches are big bets for companies, usually involving millions of pounds of investment. However, research from Nielsen Brandbank shows 80% of NPD launches fail within the first year.
  • Ratings & Reviews are relevant for all FMCG categories, even ones that are seen as traditionally more “impulse” driven such as confectionery (69.1%).
  • 86% of shoppers feel that review recency is more important when considering a product or brand they haven’t purchased before.
 5 simple steps to get your NPD off to a great start

How does our NPD pre-launch program work?

 The objective is to deliver +30 genuine reviews onto each retailer site soon after your NPD items are listed. 

The steps of a typical NPD pre-launch program…

  • You deliver NPD products to our fulfilment house - Sent via our specialist fulfilment provider.
  • NPD items are dispatched – Packs are sent out to the homes of our members.
  • Reviewers try the products in the home – They use products in the normal way in their home environment and are given time to fully experience your products.
  • Reviews are requested to leave reviews – Review requests are sent inside our app. Reviewers write these and they are stored until the NPD is listed.
  • Reviews are posted – Reviews are posted onto the retailer sites via the app once items are listed ensuring +30 reviews immediately.

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