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At CheckoutSmart we have developed a complete set of mobile & digital solutions to help you succeed with today's grocery shopper.

CheckoutSmart SmartResearch Dec 2022
More insights from shoppers more quickly

Start a genuine dialogue with SmartResearch

You know you have shoppers but not who they are. We can both create a large audience of shoppers and start a dialogue about your product

  • Get fast feedback on your NPD from thousands of regular shoppers
  • Understand how the perception of your product changes pre and post-trial
  • Ask exactly the questions you want, when you want the best audience – your buyers
  • Benchmark your results with our previous surveys and your own SKUs
  • Undertake extra analysis to see your basket data, category share changes, complementary products and competitor performance

Using the power of personal mobile technology you can get closer than ever to what your shoppers think and do.

On pack promotions done digitally

Excite shoppers with easy to execute, effective activities with SmartOnPack

On-pack promotions are a good way to engage shoppers in a brand-supportive way. However, they are also often expensive and resource intensive.

  • Do away with the individual codes on packs and managing stock etc.
  • If you want, remove all pack design changes and communicate digitally
  • Using receipts as proof of purchase ”Virtual on-pack” promotions become easy to execute in weeks not months.
  • Small bespoke short activities for one retailer are just as feasible as multi-country multi-brand longer-term activities using our approach

Get high-quality on-pack activities back on your brand agenda delivering the brand messages, retailer support and in-store presence you want without the hassle

CheckoutSmart SmartOnPacks Dec 2022