Walmart ratings & reviews data (Dec 2020)

As a fresh year gets underway, we want to help make life as easy as possible. And what better way than with some hot new insights drawn straight from the giant of retail? 

So how many reviews-per-item is enough? Does a 3.9 rating mean a product is worthy of attention, or is it one to avoid? What defines ‘great’ (and not so great) depends a lot on the specific product and category. 

What you really need is a side-by-side, like-for-like comparison.

Here’s what you can do with our interactive Excel report:

  • Look at the average ratings, number of reviews and average reviews per item across all of Walmart’s categories
  • Drill into every category and brand to check the ratings and number of reviews for individual products
  • Compare your own performance to your competitors based on Walmart’s vast catalog

Ready to get started?